Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Motorcycle

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Motorcycle

23rd Oct 2020
MK Auto India

Buying a motorcycle is an investment. And like all investments, you need to weigh your options. It is especially crucial when you are buying a secondhand bike.
Here are some pointers that you should absolutely consider.

Research your Preferences

The first step to buying a bike is choosing the right type and model that suits your needs. Make a note of these points while you scout for one.

  • Set a budget keeping in mind the market rates of second-hand bikes.
  • Look for a bike that is not too old. A 3-4 years old bike with an average of 40,000 km run is a good opt. Do not fall for very low Odometer readings as those can be easily tampered with and the readings might not be accurate.
  • Buying straight from the first owner and preferably a single rider of the bike will be a better bet. A reliable source would be more credible too. If you’re purchasing from a market seller, do a basic reference check from their existing customers.
  • Research the model you wish to purchase. Ask people who own that model about the upkeep of the bike. See if the spares are readily available in the market and are reasonably priced.

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Check the Bike’s Condition

Once you zero in on the two-wheeler that you want, check everything carefully.

  • If you’re a first time buyer or lack expertise, get along somebody who does – an experienced friend or even a trustworthy mechanic, who will have a good eye for this.
  • Check if there are any major scratches or dents on the vehicle.
  • Check the bike for oil leaks.
  • Turn on the ignition to check the engine for any unwanted sounds or fumes.
  • Take a test drive to gauge if the bike is running smooth – whether the Clutch and Brakes are in good working condition, or would they need to be replaced. The bike should feel stable and in control.

Check Relevant Documents

Once you are satisfied with the bike physically, make sure the paper-work is also in order.

  • Registration Certificate (RC) – Do match the engine and the chassis numbers on the bike with the RC, along with checking the ownership details.
  • Insurance Documents – Check if there is valid insurance coverage, or else you will have to shell out the money for it separately.
  • A valid Road Tax Certificate
  • PUC Certificate
  • Service History – Check if there are any service and maintenance records of the bike. If there is no documentation for it, ask the owner about the services done.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) – This is required to be submitted to the RTO for transferring the vehicle from one party to the other.

Price Negotiations

Make sure you have done market research on the price of the motorcycle. You can then negotiate the price according to your satisfaction with the bike and its documents.

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