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Being India’s foremost Clutch manufacturer, equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology and advanced machinery, MK takes pride in producing clutch plates those stand out in performance.

Engineered for optimal functionality, our clutch plates boast high torque to enhance overall performance, ensuring a smooth and jerk-free operation. Crafted with premium quality friction material, they exhibit low wear and high heat resistance, guaranteeing longevity and reliability. With a stable coefficient of friction, our Clutch Plates  provide a seamless and smoother gear shift experience, Offering the largest range of products, we continue to lead the industry with innovation and excellence in clutch manufacturing.

  • OEM Endorsed
  • Upto 40% Longer Life
  • New Improved Formulation
  • Tested on World Class In-house R & D

Rubber Clutch

Rubber Based Clutch


Paper Clutch

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