The Right Time for a Clutch Replacement in a Bike

The Right Time for a Clutch Replacement in a Bike

03rd Aug 2020
MK Auto India

For motorcycle lovers, long, smooth bike rides are liberating. But this experience is ruined when things are not smooth anymore. The most likely factor for that is the failure of the clutch system.

A clutch is designed to disengage and engage with the transmission, to let you change the gears smoothly. It is an essential part of the automobile, and with time and usage it wears off.

What’s important is to recognize the signs that point to the need for a clutch replacement.

Clutch Slipping Away

A clutch slip is evident when after twisting the throttle you don’t get the desired acceleration and the bike doesn’t move in tandem with the engine’s rpm which goes up.
This could be due to worn out clutch plate or weakened clutch springs, incorrect adjustment of the parts, or the wrong oil.

Burning Smell

If you have ever sensed a bad, burning smell after a longride on your bike, it is a sign for you to check the clutch. You would very likely need to replace your clutch plates or the entire clutch assembly.

The pungent smell, which is more noticeable after removing the clutch cover, is a result of the friction material getting overheated.

Hard Gear Shifts

When you feel that the lever is hard or the shifting of gears is jerky, it’s a sign that there is something wrong with the friction material, and to get the clutch plates replaced.
It might also be a good idea to get the whole clutch assembly checked and replaced for the right fitment.

Each of these above symptoms has an underlying cause of one or more of the clutch components worn out or not fitted right. It’s important to address the right cause for a more economical remedy.

MK Auto, as a pioneer in friction technology, addresses all these causes that lead to an ineffective clutch system. Our OEM compatible parts are made of high-grade material and provide perfect fitment. We also cater to the widest range of two-wheelers, making it easier for you to get the best quality and value for money.

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