Safety Tips While Riding a Two-Wheeler

Safety Tips While Riding a Two-Wheeler

23rd Oct 2020
MK Auto India

A good ride is all about a smooth drive and great weather. However, we cannot stress enough about taking all the safety measures you can, especially on the Indian roads.

While we are hopefully optimistic that you do follow all the traffic rules, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind as two-wheeler drivers that will definitely come handy.


In India around 4 people die every hour because they don’t wear a helmet. ALWAYS wear an ISI Mark helmet to protect your head and face from injuries and elements like debris, dirt, and gravel. Besides the rider, the pillion should also wear a good quality helmet for their protection.

Do change your helmets after every couple of years, if you notice any cracks/signs of wear.

Safe distance

Maintaining a safe distance with other vehicles is important for the riders. Also, avoid sudden braking as it can lead to skidding which is one of the leading cause of road accidents.

Use both brakes

While riding always use both rear and front wheel brakes together for better impact and to minimize the distance. Of course, keep a regular check on the brakes and their efficiency. As they start to wear off they become less effective. So, it’s important to replace them timely with high-quality parts. At MK Auto the brake shoes and disc pads are tested on Brake Dynamometer to ensure minimum stopping time and distance.


Staying alert is a very critical trait on the road and thought it might seem obvious, it’s not the case for everyone around you. You might be following all the signals, but you’ll always find somebody who is not that patient or even that alert themselves. Always be careful.

Speed Limit

Always pick a speed you can control on the roads. With the combination of traffic and many roads like ours full of potholes, you never know when you need to hit the brakes. At such times, your instincts and speed both play a huge role in your safety. And when it comes to wet or foggy conditions, you need to be extra cautious.


It’s important that all the vehicles can see you while you are riding. You should never be in the blind spot of the cars or trucks coming your way. Give proper signals while changing lanes or taking turns. Also, be prepared for night time and foggy conditions. Get reflective jackets and helmets for yourself and reflective stickers for your bike, and keep your lights on in such situations.


This is where a lot of riders need to be highly careful because a lot of accidents happen while overtaking. Always have a clear line of sight, check your mirrors for any oncoming vehicles, and avoid overtaking when approaching bends or junctions.

With good riding skills, the right instincts, and a well-functioning bike you can ensure your safety.

At M.K. Auto we manufacture brake shoes and disc pads for all sorts of two-wheelers, with absolute attention to the quality that translates into products that are safe and as good as OEM products.

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