Safety Tips While Riding Two-Wheelers in Winters

Safety Tips While Riding Two-Wheelers in Winters

01st Mar 2021
MK Auto India

Winter is here! And like for every other weather, we are here to give you some helpful tips to deal with the cold season while riding your motorcycle.

Here’s a checklist for you.

Winter Gear

This might sound obvious, but we hope you don’t act ‘too cool’ and stay warm for your ride. An insulated riding jacket, a proper helmet with an anti-fogging visor, and a pair of gloves to protect your hands from getting numb are an absolute necessity in the harsh winters of India.


Just like you, your bike needs to be warm too. So, a very handy tip is to start your engine a few minutes before riding. This is because the engine can become stiff in the cold weather and it might take time for ignition.

Doing this will also improve the performance and life of your clutch plate and subsequently of your motorcycle.

Brake Condition

The condition of your motorcycle brakes is of utmost important at all times. During winters it becomes even more crucial to ensure that the brakes are not jammed or rusted. Ensure to get them checked and replaced with good quality brake shoes or disc pads, if there is any doubt in their performance.

At MK Auto we manufacture brake parts keeping all driving conditions in mind and put them through several quality tests for safety and efficiency.

Follow the above checklist along with Safety Tips While Riding a Two Wheeler, for a cool and safe ride.

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