5 Habits that will prolong your Motorcycle’s life

5 Habits that will prolong your Motorcycle’s life

01st Mar 2021
MK Auto India

Love your motorcycle? Want it to be your partner in ride for a many journeys to come? Then take note of these habits that will give your motorcycle a long life. Here’s the list.

Keep your vehicle clean

Don’t be a slob! If you want your motorcycle’s life to last, take care of it. Do regular washing and cleaning to avoid the chains and other metal components from getting corroded.
Keep it well-oiled

Give your two-wheeler the proper nutrition it needs. Keep a check on the engine oil and refill/replace it timely. Low levels and viscosity will lead to hard riding and hence more wear and tear of the parts.

Fix issues before it’s too late

Just like your own health, don’t delay your motorcycle’s regular check-ups. Regular maintenance and due replacement of parts will only keep your bike functioning for long. Clutch Plates, Pressure Plate, Clutch Shoes, Clutch Spares, Brake Shoes, and Disc Pads are some of the parts that you need to look at.

Maintain a service record

Your motorcycle’s “medical records” are important for the “doctor”. Simply put, keep a record of all repair work done on your bike. This will help the mechanic working on your bike judge the life of various parts and suggest replacements accordingly.

Always go for genuine parts

Whether getting the OEM parts or from a branded company, make sure you are not compromising on the quality to save some money. This is very critical to your motorcycle’s life.

MK Auto, which makes Clutch and Brake Parts, has the credibility of more than 60 years in the auto aftermarket. We not only promise excellent performance but also products that go through several quality tests to ensure complete safety.

These small habits will go a long way in prolonging the life of your bike, and in turn, keeping you safe too.

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