Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Clutch and Brake is one of the most critical components in the automobile design and development as the life of the driver depends on its performance. A small mistake in the design and development of Clutch and Brake can do blunders. Vehicle designers today are spending huge amounts of scientific and creative energy on this aspect from the economy and safety view points.

As the most experienced automotive friction material solution company in India, MK enjoys a history of nearly half a century of Innovation, Technology, Manufacturing and Market Leadership. Today, MK Group is a full-capability provider of high quality friction technology solutions for 2 & 3 wheeler applications, serving automobile manufacturers in India.

To retain and reinforce our position as a leading Indian manufacturer of Clutch and Brakes we work hard to give on-time zero defect supplies backed by responsive service, empowered employees, vendor and partners.

We, the proud members of the MK Group, shall strive vigorously to delight our customers by pursuing excellence and innovation through committed team work. To this end we shall promote continuous learning, achievement orientation and ethical business practices, which will make us, shine as a global player in future.


We at MK in the new millennium are committed to retain excellence in quality of our products and services, with focus on customer satisfaction and market leadership. We vow to remain a responsible corporate citizen, contributing to the lives of our people and the preservations of our planet’s eco-balance by producing non-asbestos Clutch and Brakes.

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