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MK (VB Group): A Synonym for Excellence in Clutch & Brake Products

MK, under the VB Group banner, proudly offers its Clutch & Brake products via three esteemed brands: MK, MX, and MK Lide. With an extensive distribution network, we cater to the automotive industry through more than 400 dealers and distributors scattered across the nation. Our regional marketing endeavors are steered by adept area managers, supplemented by local sales offices and dedicated field staff, ensuring seamless interactions with our clientele.

Our prominent market presence and customer trust stem from a relentless commitment to quality, a robust marketing, sales, and service infrastructure, and our unwavering dedication to timely product deliveries.

Internationally, our brands have garnered acclaim, further underlining our aspiration to be the go-to supplier on a global scale. At MK, we’re conscious that our prowess is deeply rooted in our products. Aligned with the ever-evolving industry demands, we swiftly integrate the latest technological advancements. This dedication to progress enables us to offer our customers top-tier products at unmatched value. Staying ahead of the curve technologically is a mantra we live by, driven by a passion for excellence.

Amidst fierce competition and rapid technological shifts, MK shines, bolstered by relentless R&D, cohesive teamwork, and a nurturing work environment. Our ultimate asset, however, is our dedicated workforce—a family united in its mission to deliver unparalleled quality and dependability.

A Nationwide Reach: Distributing Excellence

Our expansive reach is pivotal to our success. Ensuring that our products are readily available to our customers, wherever they might be, has been a driving force behind our extensive distributor and dealer network. With over 400 representatives, we have a presence in every nook and cranny of India, reflecting our commitment to accessibility and customer satisfaction.

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