About Us

MK (VB Group), a renowned private limited company with 65+ years in automotive manufacturing, specializes in Clutch Plates, Clutch Assemblies, Brake Shoes, Brake Assemblies and Disc Brake Pads.

Operating With six advanced manufacturing plants in Northern India and a strategic collaboration with M/s Chongqing Leade Industry Manufacture Company Ltd, China, MK is a leader in the field. Affiliated with global leaders like M/s MIBA, Austria, MK employs Paper Friction Technology for enhanced offerings.

The core of MK’s success lies in innovation, technology, and market leadership, delivering high-quality products to domestic and international clients. MK prioritizes customer satisfaction, embraces R&D, and fosters a flat organizational structure to ensure continuous improvement and global competitiveness.

Our unwavering focus on customer contentment involves avant-garde designs, robust processes, steadfast deliveries, and a resolute stance against defects.

Envisioning to be the “Preferred Supplier for Clutches and Brakes,” our core values embrace collective teamwork, persistent training, human values, and trust. Our flat organizational structure fosters creativity, aiming to transform MK Group into a learning organization where every member takes pride in being part of our extended family.

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