MK Group: Crafting Milestones in Friction Material Products and Beyond

Spanning over six decades, MK Group has evolved as a formidable technology and quality leader in the domain of Friction Material Products. The journey began under the visionary leadership of Mr. Vijay Bhandari in 1959, initially focusing on the manufacture of gaskets and rubber molded parts. However, his ambition was far-reaching.

By 1964, Mr. Bhandari discerned the burgeoning demand for friction material products, such as Clutch and Brake. Noticing that India primarily relied on imports for these components, he took the bold initiative to commence the manufacturing of 2-wheeler clutches, positioning MK Group as the pioneer in integrated manufacturing processes for this domain in India.

MK Group’s footprint expanded rapidly. The company began supplying clutch plates to notable names like API, Royal Enfield, Ideal Jawa, Scooter India, Escorts, Bajaj Auto, and TVS. Today, the firm produces an impressive 72 million clutch plates annually, dominating around 55% of the Indian aftermarket.

Foreseeing the escalating demand for sheet metal and die-cast components in the 1970s, the group swiftly transitioned to manufacturing these, capturing a significant market share. Brakes followed next, with the group starting the production of Brake Shoes for 2 & 3 wheelers in 1976, soon achieving market leadership in that segment as well.

Over the years, MK Group diversified, establishing multiple manufacturing facilities across India, and consistently reinventing their product portfolio. The 1990s witnessed the second generation stepping in – Mr. Nitin Bhandari, emphasizing marketing and international business development, and Mr. Gaurav Bhandari, focusing on transforming the family venture into a professionally managed enterprise, epitomizing best HR practices, innovation, and R&D.

By 2001, MK Group expanded its horizons beyond 2 & 3 wheelers, stepping into the 4-wheeler segment. Collaborations with international players like Chongqing Leade Industry Manufacture Company Ltd., China, and MIBA, Austria in subsequent years bolstered the group’s standing in the market.

Today, MK Group is a name synonymous with Clutch Plates and Brake Linings in India. The brand’s legacy reflects in its diverse portfolio:



Mr. Vijay Bhandari, Chairman, sets up manufacturing Unit for Gaskets and rubber-moulded parts in Delhi.


Manufacturing unit set up for Forgings in Sahibabad.


Manufacturing unit for sheet metal components set up in Delhi.


Manufacturing unit set up for Die Castings in Delhi.


Manufacturing unit for Clutch Plates and Brake Shoes set up to cater to OEM's in Faridabad - Haryana.


Manufacturing unit set up for Heavy Brake liners and Disc Pads in Bhiwadi -Rajasthan.


Manufacturing unit set up for the aftermarket in the tax-free zone of Kala Amb-Himachal Pradesh.


Second manufacturing unit, M.K. Auto Clutch Co. set up for the aftermarket in the tax-free zone of Kala Amb-Himachal Pradesh


MK Group enters hospitality business with its first hotel -Country Inn & Suites by the Radisson Group, Sector-12, Gurgaon.


New JV with Chongqing Lide called MK Lide Auto Clutch Industries FBD for manufacturing complete assemblies to cater to OEM's.


Manufacturing unit set up for 2W/3W Clutch Plates & Brake Shoes at Faridabad (MK Auto Clutch Co. Unit 2)


An array of new products were added to our already existing range like Lever & Yokes, Variators, Non- Asbestos Brake Shoes & Premium Clutch Assemblies

Apart from being a market leader in Friction Technology, MK Group ventured into hospitality in 2010, launching the 4-star hotel “Country Inn and Suites” – a Carlson Group U.S.A franchise, located strategically in Gurgaon, Haryana, close to Delhi International Airport.

MK Group’s enduring success is anchored by its visionary leadership, a dedicated team, and its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As MK Group steps into new frontiers, the commitment remains to deliver excellence, foster market leadership, and contribute positively to society and the environment.

Endowed with six ISO & TS certified units and an international standard 4-star hotel in India, all overseen by adept professionals, the future of MK Group under its dynamic directors promises continued growth and milestones.

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