Research & Development

MK Group prioritizes innovation through state of the art R&D facility, collaborating closely with esteemed clients.

Rigorous testing, including dynamometers and outdoor simulations, ensures impeccable quality for brakes and clutches. Dedicated test rigs confirm to industry standards, providing meticulous evaluations.

Our comprehensive testing protocols cover the coefficient of friction, clutch performance under varied oil temperatures, responsiveness with different oil grades, and wear rate assessments. Advanced Test Rigs which Include Brake Dynamometer, Chase testing equipment, SAE II test RIG, Centrifugal Clutch testing Rig enhance our evaluation capabilities.

Not Limiting to the Bench testing only, Our R&D team is well equipped with Respective Vehicles to evaluate the performance and Endurance of Our products before mass production starts and frequent testing during the mass production to ensure consistency of our Products.

Performance Testing Equipment

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