Safety tips during monsoon for two-wheeler riders

Safety tips during monsoon for two-wheeler riders

09th Sep 2020
MK Auto India

Going out for a ride during the rainy season might seem adventurous and cool, but if you’re not properly equipped for it, the situation might take a critical turn.

While it’s important to get your motorcycle or scooter serviced, you can do a few checks on your own to ensure a smoother ride.


A thorough check of your tyres for any signs of being worn out is a must. The grip and control, especially in the monsoon, depends greatly on the condition of your tyres.

Check the air pressure and the tread depth of the tyres as both affect the grip. Wet road surfaces can cause the tyres to hydroplane, which means uncontrollable sliding of the tyres. The tread depth is meant to displace water. If the grooves of your tyres are less than 2mm deep, it’s time to change them.


Brakes are literally your saviour on the road, and that’s why they should be regularly checked. Brakes become less responsive when wet, and hence need more attention during monsoons.
For the bikes with drum brakes, water can sometimes get trapped on the inside of the drum, and the brake lining get wet. This decreases their efficiency. A simple solution is to gently apply the brakes to dry them off. Also, remember not to hit the brake too hard in the rains as it can lead to skidding.

For worn-out brake shoes or brake pads, replace them at the earliest as during rains they would be even less effective. Choose MX Brake Shoes or Disc Pads to ensure OEM grade material, proper fitment, and high durability and instant braking.

Proper Distance

Maintain more distance than usual with other vehicles during rainy season as your bike’s braking distance increases when the tires are wet. The payload on your vehicle also affects the braking distance, so avoid travelling with a lot of weight on your motorcycle.

To keep the chains, hinges and levers from rusting and jamming during the monsoon, oil them regularly.

For a well-functioning bike, it is also important to clean it often to avoid the build-up of dirt and muck.

The Right Gear

Lastly, but equally relevant is your gear when on the roads. Wearing a helmet with a visor at all times while riding goes without saying. Don’t forget to put on a high-visibility raincoat that will save you from getting soaked and falling sick.
Ride safe!

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